How Do I Get Rid of Voles?

Vole Control

WOW, ever since the snow has melted, the first issue we noticed was how bad the vole damage was this year! Since we had a longer winter, the little buggers had more time to hang out in your lawn and eat the precious grass roots, that we as your lawn care company, try to keep strong and healthy! 

We want to share ideas for how to keep these rodents at bay in the future as well as what you can do now that the vole damage has already been done. 

So, what do voles actually do to your lawn? These rodents eat the crown of grass roots and the bark on trees and shrubs during the winter. Typically, they move in from nearby rangeland areas under the snow and then once the snow melts, they’re gone and your property might show signs of damage like below:

Now if you have these unsightly tunnels right now, stay patient, typically by June everything will look back to normal and you will forget that this was even an issue!


First things first, go ahead and rake up the dead grass. Many times after doing that, you will see that there is already newly established grass in those tunnel areas and it’s going to fill in and look fantastic. However, if you have extensive damage, we would recommend applying a half inch of topsoil to the area. This soil will keep the roots moist while the grass continues to grow back. 


If you have any additional questions or whether you have vole damage, send us a photo of your lawn at 406-312-7633. Our team would love to help you!

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