Deep Root Fertilization

When is the best time to plant a tree? Yesterday! If you didn’t start yesterday or want to have bigger, healthier trees, give us a call.

Not only do well-nourished trees and shrubs have better resistance to disease, insect attack, and drought, but they look better, too. We inject a long-chain nitrogen source that feeds your trees and shrubs for a full growing season. With a little help, your newly planted twigs will soon become fuller.

How does deep root fertilization work?
Through this process, a liquid, time-release fertilizer is pressure-injected in a grid pattern around the root zone of the tree or shrub. Liquid fertilizer is injected directly into the root zone area for maximum benefits. By injecting into the soil only, the tree is able to use the nutrients, not the grass or unwanted weeds in the root zone. The products we use are built to mimic what the trees would be able to find and break down in a natural environment with decomposing.

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