Micro-InjectionsIn nature, only the strongest survive! At Yard Guard, our mission is to tip the odds in your favor.

Plant healthcare is what we do. Our highly trained staff inspects your property to identify any disease or insect issues before they can do damage.

If you think you may have an issue, or have a question about your trees or shrubs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or text anytime. We can provide options of what we can offer or suggest things you can do yourself. At Yard Guard, we love to do anything we can to help.


The best part about micro-injections is it has no contact with the surrounding environment. The product can be injected right into the trunk of the tree to then be distributed to the rest of the plant. Perfect for more sensitive areas like densely populated areas or near waterways, this is the safest and most environmentally friendly treatment method because it eliminates hazards to groundwater, wildlife, people, or friendly insects, such as honey bees.

If you suspect your tree is ill or want to protect it from insects, fungicides, or disease, please contact us. We will inspect your trees and find the proper solution to keep your trees healthy and flourishing.

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