Blended Organic

Blended Organic Fertilizing

At Yard Guard, we know the best lawns start from the ground up, which is why we recommend our blended organic fertilizing service. We see and treat your yard as a whole, not in separate pieces. One of the best ways to honor your yard is by using premium blended organic lawn care programs like the one we provide.

There are two types of fertilizers you can use for your yard, blended or ammoniated. Blended fertilizers take two or more materials and mix them together while keeping every granule consisting of its own material. The materials are mashed up with ammoniated fertilizers, so every granule contains a small amount of each nutrient.

At Yard Guard, we see the value in blended organic fertilizing and use a proprietary blended fertilizer program that you can’t find anywhere else on the market. Our program utilizes organic products with a minimum amount of herbicides to ensure the best results. The advantage of using a blended fertilizer is that its nutrients can last in your soil for several months, continuing to enrich your yard long after the fifth application is complete. Additionally, lawns receiving regular application have fewer issues with lawn disease making them look and feel healthier.

We are constantly evolving this program and strive to be at the forefront of our industry. If you have any questions about our blended organic fertilizing, please call or text our office, or get a quote online.

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