The Best Holiday Lights Around Bozeman

Tis the Season For Holiday Lights!
There’s a reason every Hallmark Holiday movie looks like it’s set in Bozeman… we’ve got charm, loads of cute puppies, a fun bunch of small businesses and snow! Holiday Lights are an area where Bozeman really shines! 

We’re also home to light displays that would make Clark Griswold need to kick it up a notch, too! What better way to get your family into the holiday spirit than tossing everyone in the car with some hot cocoa or coffee, turning up your Christmas playlist and staying warm while you take it all in!

Yard Guard has helped to add to the festivities around Bozeman this year by installing lights on loads of homes in the area, so we’re privy to some of the best drives. Friends don’t let friends miss out on an awesome time, so here’s our list of must-see neighborhoods and experiences! 

Use our interactive map to help you locate all the fun stops listed in our blog!


You won’t want to miss the Christmas light display at Depot Park! It’s straight out of a Hallmark movie and we guarantee an awesome time! 

Find them on Facebook for event updates!


Sherri’s Christmas Drive Through

Sherri’s Christmas Drive Through at 8670 Fowler Ln is a local favorite with a light display that gets bigger every year! This one is THE Christmas house! While you’re there, make sure you also drive through the Home 40 neighborhood- just start at the intersection of Clancy Way and Fowler Ln and you can’t miss it- it’s like an explosion of Christmas cheer! Yard Guard did several amazing homes in that neighborhood! 

902 West Babcock Street

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West Babcock Street is a local favorite as well- this one’s known as the Bah Humbug house and once you see it, you’ll see why! 

15 S Western Ave
Western Avenue always goes all out and this neighborhood will keep the Merry Christmas vibes rolling! 15 S Western Ave is the showstopper, but you’ll love driving down the whole street! 

313 Powder River Ave
You know a house is gonna be great when you can see it before you even turn onto the street! This is one of those rad houses that has music synced to the display- just turn your radio to the station listed in the yard and enjoy the show! 

4486 Shadowglen Dr
This house is known as Christmasland, so you know it’s gonna be good! They may even have a hot cocoa station set up;  if you need to replenish your mugs, here’s your chance! 

Black Bull Neighborhood
This neighborhood went all out with holiday lights! When you’re driving down Love Lane, you’ll see several houses in the distance just twinkling with joy! This one’s a personal favorite of Yard Guard’s- we’ve got several amazing Holiday Lights customers over there! Durston and Baxter are the streets you’ll be looking for! 

Gallatin Heights
After you drive through the Black Bull neighborhood, you might swing over to Gallatin Heights and check out another neighborhood that really decked the halls! We’ve got a house in Bobcat colors that we’re pretty crazy about over there and 349 Mammoth Fork is another local favorite- your whole car load will have fun pointing out the movies in their display! 


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Belgrade has some of our favorite events for the holidays! You’ll definitely want to take a look at some of these dates and put them on your calendar! The Truck Convoy is one of my favorite events of the year- I’m sure your families will love it too! 

(Belgrade Holiday Events you don’t want to miss!)

Belgrade Senior Center 

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The Belgrade Senior Center at 92 E Cameron Ave will put a smile on anyone’s face! This one’s a walk-through display, so button up those coats and stretch your legs while you take it all in! 

527 Red Barn Dr
If you’re in the mood for a 15 minute perfectly festive light show (and who isn’t?), this is the one for you! Tune your radio to 103.9 and you’ll be in for a treat! 

Cameron Bridge Rd
You’ll definitely want to make some time to take in the awesome displays off Cameron Bridge Rd, too! 185 W Cameron Bridge Rd has a lighting display set to music and you’ll also want to swing by 51 Cameron Bridge Rd while you’re there!

And that wraps up our Bozeman Holiday Lights Extravaganza!
We hope it brings some joy and fun to your December!

Interested in being part of the display?
If all of those Holiday Lights have you feeling like Clark Griswold, but overwhelmed with all that work- we’d love to help! Our Holiday Lights Program has been wildly popular this year and we take so much pride in being part of the festivities around town! 

Contact us in the office and we’ll have a custom quote for your home on the same day! With our Holiday Lights Program, you can leave the ladders, ice, fuses and tangle of lights to us- we’ll build out your custom lights, install them for you and even set the timer so that all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the season! When our roofs are covered in snow come January, we’ll also take them down and store them for you here! 



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