Is Blended Organic the Future of Lawn Care?

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There has been a growing demand for organic lawn care programs due to several reasons:

  • Drought
  • Concern of what products our families and pets are surrounded by
  • The sustainability of pollinators, etc. 

The challenge for Yard Guard is: how do we satisfy our customers’ requests and provide a lawn they can be proud of?

About Blended Organic
There are two modes of thinking for organic lawns. First, customers want a fully organic program and have never tried it before and second, customers who have tried fully organic and realized that it does not work. Our Blended Organic program gives you the best of both worlds. 

Organic lawn care programs target different areas of the yard than a traditional lawn care program. Think: organic treats the soil and traditional treats the blades of grass. Over time, if you’re feeding the soil the proper nutrients it needs to maintain strong turf, your yard is going to look amazing, but BE PATIENT. Organic programs take time (think about 1.5 years) to get to a place where you are happy with the turf health. Traditional lawn care provides immediate results if you need control over weeds.

Most organic programs do not offer any weed control which means that the lawn is never able to outcompete weeds. If you are fine with this, then a 100% organic program is for you. However, if you want to get rid of the weeds and have a beautiful lawn, then our blended organic program would be a great option! This program is ever evolving for us. Containing 70% organics, it provides excellent nutrients for your lawn while maintaining weed control with our minimal application of herbicide. It does require some work on your end as the customer, though. 
| Be sure to follow our mowing and watering tips below to get the best results. | 

Add Carbon Back Into Your Soil
We use a blended organic slow release fertilizer that binds nitrogen, potassium, phosphate, sulfur, calcium and other micronutrients to carbon. Adding carbon back into the soil is key because it reduces greenhouse gasses, builds up your soil’s makeup and allows it to store water and nutrients better, creating a quality profile for healthy grass.

Our blended organic program follows the Trout Friendly Clean Water Coalition Guidelines

Our Five Step Blended Organic Program:

  • Step 1: Full organic granular application. We are using a cutting edge carbon based product that can provide levels of nutrients similar to traditional products, while returning carbon to the soil.
  • Step 2: Blended liquid product based on kelp, molasses, and some traditional fertilizer packed with micronutrients. We use weed control at a minimum rate during this app.
  • Step 3: Full organic granular application, just like Step 1, in addition to spot spraying to control weeds at minimum rate.
  • Step 4: Full organic granular application, just like Step 1&3, in addition to spot spraying to control weeds at minimum rate.
  • Step 5: Traditional granular fertilizer, the hardest part with organics is getting a strong nitrogen source. We have hopes of making this a blended product in the future as we gain more buying power. The slow release fertilizer we use needs to be digested by the microbes in the soil, meaning the product cannot leach or volatilize.

Best Watering and Mowing Tips: 

  1. We know you may want to cut your grass shorter, but please set your mowing height to 3.5″- 4″. It will require less water and look better!
  2. Less frequent, deeper watering’s early in the morning between 4:00 am – 8:00 am, are best. Start with every other day and adjust if necessary. We recommend increasing your watering times once temperatures heat up in July. Let us know if you have any questions or need more help!

At Yard Guard, we offer the blended organic program to our customers in Livingston, Paradise Valley, Bozeman, Belgrade and Three Forks, Montana. 

Give us a call or send us a text at 406.222.1152 to find out more about the program and to get a quote for your property!

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