How to Reduce your Watering by 25%

At Yard Guard, our mission is clear: to accelerate the transition to a sustainable landscape, starting here in our own backyards. While water retention and soil conditioning products have been available for some time, we’ve waited for a solution that truly aligns with our mission. And now, we’re excited to introduce a product and service that does just that.

In 2024, as we witness a limited snowpack and an increasing need for water retention, it’s more crucial than ever to understand how lawns hold water and how we can optimize watering practices.

How lawns hold water & how much to water
Watering your lawn properly requires you to understand your property’s unique characteristics. Things like soil health and structure, sun exposure and grass height will all influence how much water your lawn holds and requires to be healthy. In order to learn these characteristics, we recommend adopting the practice of deep watering. Deep watering encourages the roots to grow deeper, resulting in a healthier plan. This means you water your three days a week with a ½” of water each time. Analyze your lawn and adjust the watering time (increase or decrease) depending on what your lawn needs. 

As a side note: It’s essential to adjust your sprinklers in spring and again as summer approaches to account for changing conditions.

For more detailed information on how to water your lawn properly, check out our blog post dedicated to this topic here.

How Moisture Retention Products Work
Moisture retention products help the soil hold more water, reduce surface tension to evenly distribute the water, and to pull water from the atmosphere. The product we are choosing to use is a surfactant that’s bonded to compost, mimicking the natural water-retention properties of organic soil. 

Every sprinkler system has some sort of inefficiency. That may be due to needing an adjustment or maybe your lawn isn’t level all the way through, either way you will probably have some areas that receive more water than necessary and some areas less. This product breaks the surface tension of water which brings us closer to equilibrium on water distribution throughout. 

You’re probably familiar with the moisture absorbing packets that are placed in shipped goods. The product works similarly to those where it pulls moisture from the humidity in the air and holds it in the soil. 

The application needs to be applied and watered in before drought conditions, and the product we use lasts for roughly 90 days. Therefore, we will put it down in June so we can get through the hot summer months.

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Setting Realistic Expectations

Companies claim that you can reduce your watering up to 50%, we think that is a little bit of a stretch. It depends on what kind of soil you have, how much organic material is present, how hot/dry the weather is, and the quality of your irrigation system. We live in a dry climate and we all struggle to give our lawns enough water in the hot summer months. This application is only going to help keep more available moisture for the plant and reduce drought stress. 

If you are satisfied with your watering practices, we would recommend cutting water around 20% as a starting point once you receive your Water Saver application. 

What Moisture Retention Products Don’t Replace
This isn’t a magic solution – if you have poor soil, no or poor irrigation, or poor mowing practices this will not save your lawn, but you can definitely expect reduction of problem areas and the overall ability to hold over 20% more moisture. 

Who Could Benefit:
Everyone who lives somewhere dry and windy, aka Livingston! But really anyone. This service is primarily for lawns, but similar products could be used for planter boxes or perennial plants. Even properties that have great sprinkler systems and good soil. We live in a dry climate and moisture retention products are a great way to give your plants a little bit of an edge to hold more moisture.

How Much do Moisture Retention Products Cost?
One time applications start at $129 for a “normal” in-town property (less than 5,000 square feet of turf). This is for a one-time spring application that lasts through the summer.


So are you ready to start reducing your watering by 25%? Text “Water Saver” to 406-222-1152 and one of our customer service representatives will get you a custom quote for your home! 

While we are excited to offer this service, we would be even more excited to see long-lasting results. If you haven’t been adding organic material back to your lawn, mowing at the tallest height or watering properly, we would love to see you add those into your regime so we don’t see temporary fixes. If you’re unsure on where to start, give us a call and we are happy to walk you through that!


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